Nov 4, 2007

Ode to CUPE

This is my opinion. If you don't like your job, if you don't think you get enough benefits and pay...find a new job. It's as simple as that. As a University student I pay my fees at the beginning of the year for campus services. Will I get my money back because of the CUPE strike? Of course not. I spent hours (hours of wasted valuable study time) running around Friday trying to find a molecular model kit for my Chemistry exam Saturday morning because the U of S stores were all closed. It's affecting the transit system, it's affecting College drive traffic, it's affecting campus food services, janitorial and maintenance services, food services, library hours are restricted (in the middle of frikkin' midterms) and the gym hours are very restricted. How are we supposed to complete research projects when we can't even check out books?
So I have a better idea. Instead of disrupting everyone else's lives because you think you don't make enough money go find a new job and quit this ridiculous protest. Because you know who's going to end up paying for what you're asking? WE ARE. THE STUDENTS. I have no money as it is. I don't need my University fees increasing when I barely have any decent clothes to wear and I can't even afford to buy Christmas presents this year.

(photo above from The StarPhoenix)

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newsong said...

Hear, hear.

-A fellow student from SaskBlogs

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