Nov 1, 2007

An entry for all cat owners/cat lovers/ and animal people in general

It is incredibly hard to be at the SPCA and not want to take home an animal. There are SO many animals right now without homes, especially cats and rabbits. Why do people think that cats are just disposable? And why don't people frikkin' spay and neuter their cats if they're going to let them romp freely outside? BECAUSE THEY'RE STUPID, THAT'S WHY. I think it should be mandatory to spay and neuter cats because there is such a huge overpopulation problem. The SPCA is full to the brim, the Saskatoon Street Cat Rescue is full and there's several foster homes (not just the shelter) and they are all full. The sad thing is there are more and more cats coming in and cats at the SPCA are being PUT DOWN because there's not enough room. There's colonies of feral cats on the outskirts of the city. I've been there, I can show them to you.
I also think that pet stores should work hand in hand with the Street Cat Rescue and the Saskatoon SPCA, and NOT sell any more frikkin kittens from breeders for pets until all or most of the ones that are homeless are adopted out. There are PLENTY of kitten (if you NEED a kitten as opposed to a full grown cat) that are homeless and living in small metal cages at the SPCA that are waiting patiently for their forever homes.
So those of you out there with cats.. SPAY AND NEUTER THEM PLEASE!! You will SAVE LIVES. Those of you out there that are thinking of getting a cat... PLEASE ADOPT one. (provided you are willing to give them a forever home).. and those of you out there that are interested in volunteering or being a foster home for these cats/kittens, please contact me via comment and I will forward some information to you, or contact the Saskatoon Street Cat Rescue (or your local SPCA/other animal shelter if you're not in Saskatoon) and volunteer!

I decided that from time to time I will feature a pet on my blog that is up for adoption, whether from Street Cat Rescue or the SPCA. This will be an animal that stood out to me and that I think will make a great pet for someone.. I volunteer at both places so I have direct contact with these animals, so I think featuring one of them from time to time might help get them adopted (hopefully). Please note that there is also Poohka's Rabbit Rescue and New Hope Dog Rescue as well that have animals up for adoption!

The pet featured in the picture above is a Dutch rabbit (male) named Ginko. He's a real sweetheart. He's full grown, loves to be petted on the nose,and will come right up to the cage and wait for you to spend time with him (as oppose to the other ones who run to the back of the cage as soon as it's opened) .. He's very easy to handle (although about as heavy as a small full grown cat), he's calm and very cuddly. He'll need a fairly large sized cage (I think the rabbit cages they sell in pet stores are ridiculously tiny). he's quite a large rabbit. Not fat, just large. I'd recommend getting a rabbit hutch or even building one from scratch. (which costs less than $90 .. it just requires the time to do it!!
So if you're interested in adopting a rabbit I'd highly recommend Ginko he's such a sweetie.. i'd adopt him myself if I didn't already have 4 pets!

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