Oct 24, 2007

This is scary.

Today's post should interest all the global warming skeptics.. because recent studies have shown that computer generated models of climate change were not actually accurate.. (ok I'll give all you skeptics a moment to cheer before I break your hearts).... but get this.. "But what has been wrong recently is that THE CLIMATE IS CHANGING EVEN FASTER THAN THE MODELS SAID. In fact, Arctic sea ice is melting much faster than any models predicted, and sea level is rising much faster than IPCC previously predicted".

You can read it on the CTV webpage at http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20071023/carbon_dioxide_071023/20071023?hub=SciTech

Another thing to add is that scientists are forecasting that global warming will cause MASS extinction.
So why should we care if some lemur or asian sunbear goes extinct in some part of the world you say?? Well first of all.. it's going to be mass extinction-- not just a few species. Secondly many species of animals have a profound effect on the ecosystem. This has been proven many times with the introduction of foreign species into a place where they don't belong and the whole ecosystem has been thrown out of whack. We all depend on each other to survive. If hundreds or thousands of microorganisms start to die out or plant life starts to die out, there is no food for the animals or birds, or us, and life gets so complicated that many species cease to exist.
They are forecasting this mass extinction in the next few decades.

Read about it here: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20071024/warming_extinctions_071024/20071024?hub=SciTech

What is the cause and effect between warmer seas and extinctions?

"Peter Ward, a University of Washington biology and paleontology professor, said natural increases in carbon dioxide warmed the air and ocean. The warmer water had less oxygen and spawned more microbes, which in turn spewed toxic hydrogen sulphide into the air and water, killing species.

Ward examined 13 major and minor extinctions in the past and found a common link: rising carbon dioxide levels in the air and falling oxygen levels. Ward's study will be presented Sunday at the Geological Society of America's annual convention in Denver."

They believe that over 50 per cent of species could be wiped out if temperatures rise as predicted. Now that's scary.

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