Oct 19, 2007

Missing $250 million dollars:

What is The Sask Party planning on doing with the OTHER $250 MILLION that the NDP has set aside for our Green Future Fund?

The Sask Partys platform is now released and I am confused. Some numbers just are not adding up. It is making them look oh so good about providing 70 million for the green initiatives fund (page 35 of 46 at http://www.saskparty.com/assets/pdf/New%20Ideas/SecuringTheFuturePlatform.pdf) over the next 4 years.. BUT the NDP already established $320 million according to their website, so I would like to ask the Sask Party WHERE IS THE OTHER 250 MILLION GOING?

"We created a $320 million Green Future Fund- helping achieve Saskatchewan's emission reduction and climate change" (saskatchewan's NDP website at http://www.saskndp.com/issues?id=17)

I'm not a political guru, I'm new at this whole election thing being a young person, so forgive me if I have something askew in understanding how this works.. but it's not hard to subtract $320 million minus $70 million and there's $250 million missing.. the Sask party are CUTTING the environmental budget by 250 million, aren't they? (than what we'd have under an NDP gov'mt) Somebody please tell me how this works. One of the main determinants of who gets my vote will be who takes this issue seriously. Cutting $250 million ? Because of the SEVERE CLIMATE CHANGE that is GOING TO occur EVERYTHING will change. Just in my agriculture class today our prof who is renowned and has been in agriculture for several decades said just that. The global warming will completely change the way we do agriculture. We are going to need to rethink our daily lives as we know them. Basically everything we consume comes from the earth. Everything. Think about that for a minute. Even the clothes on your back came from plant products or animals which ate those plants. Our environment and preserving it should be a top priority to politicians. Unfortunately I think most of what they care about is money and economic growth. Yet they (the sask party) state that Saskatchewan has the highest rate of growth of greenhouse gas emissions since 1990 in all of Canada!!! So why are they promising $250 million less than the NDP?

Anyway I wrote them. Hopefully I get a response soon:
"I finished reading all 46 pages of your platform, and I have a question. Forgive me if I don't understand this but I'm a young voter and I'm new to this. A lot of who gets my vote WILL be based on their stand toward environment and sustainable living. I noticed that you guys are promising 70 million in the next 4 years towards that purpose, but then I compared it to the NDP site which states "We created a $320 million Green Future Fund- helping achieve Saskatchewan's emission reduction and climate change goals". So I ask you, where is the other $250 million going? They are willing to spend $250 million more on making saskatchewan greener than your party.. so I'd like you to explain that to me if possible. Thanks a lot, looking forward to hearing your response. "


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naturebunny said...

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