Oct 11, 2007

Hope is like a rope - don't let go

I was shocked and disappointed to open up this week's copy of my University's newspaper and read such a message of hopelessness. Krishna Datla, the opinions writer, wrote an article titled "Global warming is unsolvable". In it he admitted that global warming is real and humanity is making it worse, but his stance that he is making loud and clear to everyone on campus is that there is absolutely not a bloody thing we can do about it. He says that "the real inconvenient truth is that global warming is unsolvable". He says that cutting back on fossil fuels is "tantamount to bleeding", saying cutting back on fossil fuels were lose revenues and people will lose jobs, ... I say.. what about coming up with alternatives? There actually ARE alternatives already, but governments won't sponsor them because there's not a demand and it would cause a loss of profit all around. Therefore it us up to us, the consumers, to DEMAND the alternatives! It's also up to us to elect the government that will stand for the environment. They are in power by OUR votes. What we think and what we want makes a difference. So instead of just giving up we have to unite for a common cause. Datla also says this: "Even if you try to help the cause by taking the bus more often, your insignificant reductions will be eclipsed by the increased wastage from billions of others." What a pessimistic and lazy point of view! So we just shouldn't give a fuck? I'd like to include a few points taken from another persons blog found at: http://easygreen.blogspot.com/2006/01/idea-green-my-choices-dont-matter-im.html

"1. Many Small Changes Add Up Small changes get easier, and easier, and build up within your life; one day you wake up and realize you have made a lot of changes in your life, and have reduced your personal threat to the survival of your family and others by a great deal. 2. Many Small Changes Add Up, II Many individuals making the same small change can add up to a larger cultural change. Folks that pushed for organic foods in the 70s probably never foresaw the day of FDA Organic Certification or that Organic Pop-Tarts (ok, generic "Toaster Pastries") would actually exist. 3. Cultural Change Can Effect Political Change Which can, in-turn, effect more cultural change. By caring enough to use reusable shopping bags, or giving your car the weekend off, and telling people about it, we begin to create a cultural phenom. This, in turn, creates political pressure to be more green in how let the government regulate our society, which in turn can create broader understanding and appeal of how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Not everyone will "get" it; not all of us will make every change we could, but as the social and political culture shift it will get easier and easier to be green. In the final analysis, then, every easy green thing you do does make a significant difference. You may only see it in your own life at first, but individual choices do affect the rest of the world."

Anyways Datla went on to say that our wind and solar power options aren't efficient enough, that we don't have time to come up with better options, saying that it's human nature to pursue the status quo rather than alter one's lifestyle. He also writes, "One might think that some day a huge tidal wave will drown Manhattan, but it's not going to happen tomorrow, and I don't even live there, so why should I care?"
HELLOOO it's called GLOBAL warming. Not "polar ice cap warming", not "Manhattan" warming, ... it's a global issue. Every place and every person will be affected. Our air quality, our vegetation, our animal life, microbial organisms, our food, our climate, our energy sources, our water supply..

Anyways I DID write a response to The Sheaf, and hopefully it will be published.. I had to keep it under 300 words, and there are some key points I never got across but the important thing I think was to encourage people and give them a message of hope after Datla's abomination of an article.

My response:

RE: Global warming is unsolvable

I am disappointed in Krishna Datla’s article, “Global warming is unsolvable”. To say this, is to create a hopeless frame of mind, and with hopelessness, nothing can be accomplished. We CAN come up with alternatives and we ARE; even as you read this people are working at better ways to go about our daily lives that are more earth-friendly. We CAN improve and innovate alternative sources of energy. The most important thing is that we have to try. We only have one earth. Laziness is no longer an option. Every choice we make, no matter how insignificant it seems has a positive or negative effect on our environment. In saying, “taking the bus more often, your insignificant reductions will be eclipsed by the increased wastage from billions of others” (Datla), you are encouraging laziness and irresponsibility! We ALL have a responsibility to the environment. By doing the right thing and making better choices, we are setting an example that others will follow, and soon those of us who actually care about the environment will no longer be a minority! “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” (Edmund Burke) Every small choice made by one person, multiplied by thousands of “one persons” - - makes a HUGE difference. Taken from http://www.janegoodall.org/jane/essay.asp are four reasons for hope: Humans have amazing problem solving abilities. Young people can bring energy and enthusiasm to the cause and WILL make a difference. The human spirit is amazing; our determination can make even the most impossible goals achievable. Lastly, we should not underestimate the resilience of nature. There is hope… never forget that.


RoboDatla said...

You tell 'em!!!

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Thanks for sharing this link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at naturebunny.blogspot.com could post it.


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