Oct 23, 2007

One eyed Jellybean

This is Jellybean. She is the newest addition to my family. We were at a pet store, which shall remain nameless, a week or so ago and I found this little sweetie with a bloody gouged out eyeball.. poor thing. She must have been attacked by one of her litter. I pointed out the problem to one of the staff and she took her into the back room and promised me that they would have one of their pet caregivers look at her as soon as possible. Knowing full well that they would not be able to sell a one-eyed hamster and she would probably either be put down or become snake food, I gave them my number and told them to call me if she is ok and I will adopt her. She is such a sweetie I am totally and completely ga-ga over her ... Her eye is really healing up well. I have not put her in the hamster ball yet because I do not want her exposed to any germs on the floor, etc as she is still healing up but she loves to run in her wheel!! My boyfriend bought her a cute little edible hamster hut with a grass roof. so cute!! I may not be able to save every animal -- though I wish I could ..but I am glad I saved her. <3

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