Oct 6, 2007

The Petition

One of my friends posted this on their facebook pictures and I thought it was such a cool idea. A car as a petition! So neat! It is true, cities are extremely unfriendly to cyclists. I don't bike a whole lot (Something I am currently trying to change... I plan to bike/bus a lot more as it's a lot better for the environment and a lot cheaper for my limited funds as a starving student!) .. but the times I have biked I'm scared to drive on the road like you're supposed to and find myself sticking to the sidewalk.. Otherwise you're honked at or else completely ignored, cars zooming past you as if you're standing still.. Seems like people don't care whether they come one millimeter away from hitting you! Bikes ARE vehicles, and have just as much right to the road as everyone else does. So instead of getting ticked off at the next cyclist biking in your lane, maybe roll down your window and give them a high five.. or just take a mental note that what they're doing is ok! It's not the end of the world if you don't make it home in time to watch your favourite sitcom.. Cyclists are preserving our environment each and every time they choose to forgoe the use of an automobile, not to mention keeping healthy themselves!
Starting today I am going to try to go all week without using my vehicle. We'll see how that goes. It hasn't snowed yet so biking shouldn't be a problem.

*Edit: Well it's Wednesday.. I actually HAVE used my car this week.. to go to thanksgiving dinner at my parents. After all, the public bus system doesn't let me take my puppy on the bus so in order for her to be able to come, we drove... But I AM biking when I can. So that's a start.

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